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Wisconsin Football recruiting updates: Quarterback remains the focal point in 2023 and beyond

Quarterbacks from various classes were on campus this past weekend.

Illinois State v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

While much of the attention was on the game, one which ended in disaster, some attention was paid to who was on the sidelines on the recruiting side. Once again, the Badgers had a busy weekend of visitors with the focal point being on the quarterback position for the next couple of classes.

The most pressing is, of course, the 2023 class which has yet to land a quarterback and currently ranks 54th in the country. 3-star quarterback Ryan Browne took a visit to Wisconsin in their opener against Illinois State, and this past weekend Wisconsin hosted 2023 quarterback Cole Lacrue.

Lacrue is a 3-star quarterback out of Broomfield, Colorado. Currently, Lacrue holds offers from Central Michigan, FCS Northern Arizona, and FCS South Dakota. Both Colorado and Colorado State have shown interest in Lacrue but have not offered according to 247. It seems, Lacrue and Browne are the two that seem to be higher on the Badger's current board, but we’ll have to wait and see which play might earn an offer from Wisconsin.

Beyond 2023 Wisconsin also hosted a couple of other quarterbacks from future classes. In the 2024 class, which just opened for official contact with coaches, Wisconsin hosted quarterback Mabrey Mettauer. Mettauer is a 4-star prospect from The Woodlands, Texas, and has a long list of offers already. In addition to his offer from Wisconsin, Mettauer holds offers from Florida, Ole Miss, Texas Tech, SMU, TCU, Miami, LSU, and Arkansas among others. There’s a long way to go in his recruitment, but it seems like this will be a tough one for Wisconsin to win.

Going even further into the future, Wisconsin also hosted a 2025 quarterback this past weekend in quarterback Ryan Montgomery. Montgomery is from Findley, Ohio, and is already looking like a prospect the Buckeyes will close on. He has a ton of other promising offers, but 247 already has a crystal ball projection of him heading to Ohio State.

Overall, it seems like the prospects still in the 2023 class are the most realistic, and pressing, players to try and land. Wisconsin will likely have to make the choice of which quarterback to offer first in Lacrue or Browne as they won’t land both players. Neither player has a ton of better offers, so seeing which gets the first offer will likely indicate where Wisconsin wants to go in the class at least to start. Hopefully, whichever option they choose, Wisconsin will be able to close and wrap up a hotly discussed 2023 quarterback room.