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SB Nation Reacts: Johnny Davis on the Washington Wizards edition [UPDATED WITH RESULTS]

Are you excited that Davis landed in D.C.? How do you think his rookie season will go?

Washington Wizards Introduce Johnny Davis Photo by Stephen Gosling/NBAE via Getty Images

Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across the NCAA. Each week we ask questions of the most plugged-in Wisconsin Badgers fans and fans across the country.

As you may have heard, on Thursday night former Wisconsin Badgers wing Johnny Davis was picked by the Washington Wizards in the NBA Draft. It was the first time a UW player had been drafted since 2015 (Sam Dekker and Frank Kaminsky) and the first player drafted in the Greg Gard era.

Most draft experts gave Washington a good grade for their first round pick, but there are a few questions that Davis needs to answer this summer, mostly his shooting range, before everyone thinks it was an A+ selection.

Davis is a versatile player that could potentially fill multiple roles for the Wizards, but we want to know what y’all think about him heading to D.C. Here are a couple of questions about Davis we’d love to have you answer!

UPDATE WITH POLL ANSWERS, 6/29/22, 9:36 a.m. CT:

We asked whether or not you, as a Badger fan, were happy with Davis being selected by the Washington Wizards and an overwhelming 81% of you said that you were!

Now, the Wizards are in my favorite team’s (the stupid, dumb Sixers) conference, but not division, so I am happy that I’ll get to see him play regularly against the Sixers, but not TOO often. I’d wager many of the readers here are Bucks fans and feel the same way.

Next we wanted to know if you thought Davis would earn a starting role in D.C. at any point this season and 3/4ths of you thought he would.

I think that this is a reasonable assumption since there is a reason the Wizards were picking in the lottery which was, well, they weren’t good enough to make the playoffs and needed an influx of talent. Davis’ ability on defense should help him see the floor early even if he struggles on offense to start and the Wizards seem high on his ability anyways so they’ll probably want to see what he can do in a larger role early on.

As far as Davis’ scoring output as a rookie, most of you (51%) think that he’ll average between 5.0 and 10.0 while another 40% of you believe that he’ll averaged between 10.1 and 15.0 points per game. A solid 3% of you think that he’ll average over 15 points per game and, by God, I hope you’re right...but I don’t think you are.

We saved the most important question for last and 56% of you were correct when you said that the newest Taco Bell spokesperson would bring his new teammates Taco Bell AND Baja Blasts to drink and not just Taco Bell.

As always, thanks for answering our questions. It’s always interesting to see what people think about the happenings around Wisconsin athletics.

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