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Wisconsin football recruiting: UW gains commitment from PWO WR Cam Fane, per report

The Edgewood product is staying close to home for college.

UW Athletics

Per a report on Tuesday from Jon McNamara of BadgerBlitz, the Wisconsin Badgers have secured a preferred walk-on commitment from 2022 WR Cam Fane (Madison) out of Edgewood High School.

We haven’t found news of his commitment anywhere else, and haven’t been able to message him on Twitter or Instagram, but in both of those social accounts his bio just reads “@badgerfootball” which means...that he’s on the team? It’s hard to say, but we don’t think McNamara would post this without having confirmed it with Fane first.

Looking at his profile pages on Rivals and 247 Sports, it looks like Cincinnati, Iowa and Northern Illinois all expressed interest in Fane, although none of them offered him a scholarship. He was just on campus in Madison earlier this week where he was extended the PWO offer.

Fane is a 6-foot-2, 180ish pound wideout who has played for a couple of high schools throughout his football career. Per a article from this past fall:

Fane started high school at Madison West in 2017 but transferred to Juan Seguin High School in Arlington, Texas, in the spring of 2018 because his father and stepmother lived in Arlington. He continued to attend Seguin through the first semester of the 2020-21 school year.

But Fane, unhappy with his home life and with grades that suffered as a result, moved back to Wisconsin when he turned 18. Edgewood enrolled Fane in its 2022 graduating class as a second-semester junior, entering Fane in his sixth semester of high school.

This is all part of an article on why Edgewood High School was forced to forfeit their season after the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) declared that they hadn’t filled out the proper waiver for Fane to be eligible. Based on a cursory reading of this whole situation it appears that Fane did nothing wrong and there are just some administrative issues between Edgewood and the WIAA.

In the nine games that Fane played during the regular season, he caught 39 passes for 662 yards (17.0 ypc) and nine touchdowns while also rushing for 279 yards on 25 carries (11.2 ypc) and four more scores.

Fane is fast and versatile, lining up all over the field on offense. Once he got into the open field he was not going to be caught by the defense. He has some good moves after the catch as well and proved to be difficult to tackle even in small spaces. After watching his tape you have to wonder if he would have received a star rating, and thus more attention from FBS schools, had he stayed in Texas. This looks like a really good get for the Badgers without taking up a scholarship.