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SB Nation Reacts: y’all really nailed the “will Johnny Davis win B1G POTY” question

We had over 700 responses to these questions, which rules, and now we have a pretty good idea of what UW fans think heading into March.

NCAA Basketball: Nebraska at Wisconsin Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

You may remember that we asked you a couple of days ago to weigh in some of the important questions of the day. Well, over 700 of you voted, which is an amazing number, and now we’ve got a fairly good pulse of the Wisconsin fan base.

First, we asked about Johnny Davis and his potential to win the Big Ten Player of the Year award. Despite my thoughts on the matter, Davis DID win the award and over 70% of you correctly predicted that too. He was clearly a worthy candidate and Wisconsin fans, Big Ten coaches and Big Ten media were all in agreeance.

We also asked how many games in the Big Ten Tournament you thought the Badgers would win, and this was a much more closely contested vote.

36% think the Badgers will just one game
35% think the Badgers will make the finals
28% think the Badgers will win the Big Ten Tournament

Didn’t include an option to select “losing their first game” because this is a blog of winners.

As far as who Big Ten fans as a whole thought was going to play in the tournament finals, the Badgers were the third most popular choice behind Purdue and Illinois. Michigan State, who the Badgers could play in their first game, was the fourth choice.

As far as where the Badgers will end up seeded once the big bracket is announced, most Wisconsin fans think UW will end up as a 3-seed in the NCAA Tournament.

1-seed 2%
2-seed 31%
3-seed 57%
4-seed 10%

The Big Ten Tournament has already produced some exciting/hilarious action (looking at you, Michigan/Indiana game) and the good teams haven’t even played yet! We’ll have plenty of coverage on Thursday for the Badgers game, so make sure you check back here all weekend.

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