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Wisconsin Football: Wideout Markus Allen returning to Madison

Markus Allen pulled the ole switcharoo on the Gophers.

Wisconsin v Northwestern Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

The floodgates of the transfer portal opened on Monday and since then chaos has ensued. Honestly, I am not sure I could even tell you all the names that have entered the portal for Wisconsin off of the top of my head because it has been that crazy. It isn't just Wisconsin either. All across the country, we are seeing massive waves of players entering the portal. It’s a new world of college football.

Wisconsin has lost some talented players, but one of the bigger ones that hurt was wideout Markus Allen. Allen, a former 4-star wideout, has shown that he has some promise at the wideout spot. Unfortunately for Wisconsin, he entered the portal following the firing of Paul Chryst. In the ensuing weeks, Allen committed to Minnesota making it a double whammy.

However, Wednesday evening Allen announced that his recruitment was once again 100% and Thursday morning it appears Allen has had a change of heart and will be returning to Madison.

This is, obviously, a huge win for the Badgers. Not only do you return a promising young wideout but you don't lose him to your bitter rival. All good things. Yes, Allen has had some issues with drops and route concepts in the past at Wisconsin but you hope that those things can get cleaned up and that he can once again be a weapon for Wisconsin.

This season, Allen had just seven catches for 91 yards but was targeted more than the numbers let on. Additionally, with Wisconsin hiring offensive coordinator Phil Longo it’s fair to assume there will be more targets to go around. Longo is known for a pass-happy attack which should create more opportunities for Allen and others around him.

With Allen’s return, the Badgers will now have almost all of their wide receiver room back in 2023. Now the attention will turn to who might be tossing them the football next Fall... we’ll have to wait and see!