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B5Q Readers, it’s been fun, but it's time for me to turn the page to the next chapter!

Thank you all for reading, listening, and supporting these last few years,

Bookstore Photo by Boris Roessler/picture alliance via Getty Images

Well, with so many college football players hitting the transfer portal today I guess this post fits the theme.

B5Q Readers and good folk alike, my time as site manager and writer at B5Q has reached its final chapter. I will be stepping down from my position after the Badgers bowl game on December 27th.

I have been writing and/or podcasting about the Badgers since 2016. That’s a lot of words and a lot of talking. When I started, I really had a lot of passion for the work I did covering the Badgers and that continued for a long time. However, coming into this football season I felt a change in me. Something was just not feeling the same. That passion I once had just was not feeling like it was there this Fall. However, I told myself I would give it this football season to see if that spark in me would reignite. It didn't, and that’s ok! People change and I am glad I gave myself the time to consider all my options.

That said, I believe that the moment you stop having fun with something you should be done with something. I think living by those standards is important because it allows you to be fair and true to yourself and the things around you. Not only do I want to be fair to myself, but I want to be fair and true to this site because it has given me a lot of great memories. It’s been so much fun being a part of this site, but all fun things come to an end and I feel the end of my time at B5Q is here.

What’s next? Like I said, I’ll stay on until the bowl game and help transition things. After that? Who knows! That’s the beauty of it. I do still enjoy writing, but I think it’s time for me to reset and explore some other subject matter. I will say, my weekly college football betting column will likely continue in some way, shape, or form next Fall so stay tuned for that if you’ve enjoyed it previously. Aside from that, we’ll see! I’ve always wanted to write a book, maybe I’ll finally get started on that. Hell, this post could lead to the next great American novel!

Anyway, time for thank you’s. I want to thank Jake Kocorowski for bringing me on board years ago, Drew Hamm for keeping me on board and helping me find a platform, and Matt Belz for being my podcast co-host for years. Great mems. Love you guys.

Beyond that, I want to thank Beth Maiman for bringing me on as site manager and thanks to Owen Riese, Ryan Mellenthin, Kevin O’Connell, Jake Dicker, Bremen Keasey, Nick Snow, JJ Post, Jack Carney, and Rohan Chakravarthi for all your help this football season. I truly appreciate each and every one of you.

Lastly, thank you to all of you readers and listeners over the past few years. It’s been a ton of fun and I appreciate you consuming our content so, so much. I’ll still be around, just now as a message board commentator and a fan.

Now, let’s finish the year strong!

Tyler Hunt