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Big Ten Weekend Preview: How are we at week 10 already?

The calendar turns to November and the Big Ten races continue to heat up.

Syndication: Journal-Courier Joseph Cress/Iowa City Press-Citizen / USA TODAY NETWORK

How are we at week ten already? It seems like we just started. Still, we’ve got some great weeks of football ahead of us and this weekend’s slate is great across the country. In terms of the Big Ten? Well, we’ve had better but there are still some good ones on the docket.

7. Ohio State @ Northwestern 11am on ABC

This game does not matter at all. Northwestern is currently the doormat of the Big Ten West unless they are playing Nebraska. Northwestern owns Nebraska and it makes me, a Nebraska truther, very happy. Ohio State is going to make the playoff this year and Northwestern would be lucky to see the other side of the 50-yard line. Good luck to all involved. Ohio State is favored by 38 points.

6. Michigan @ Rutgers 6:30pm on BTN

What’s the deal with Michigan? Why are they regularly in some sort of controversy? I understand that they weren’t in the wrong last Saturday but it is interesting that they always seem to be involved somehow. Again, not on them for last week but come on. Anyway…Rutgers is still a Big Ten football team and they will do little to prove they belong on Saturday night. Michigan is favored by 26.

5. Penn State @ Indiana 2:30pm on ABC

As I was going through the games for this weekend, I saw this and thought “do I like this game?” The answer is obviously no but the pause makes me think that Penn State might find itself in some sort of a struggle on Saturday. Just a hunch! Penn State is favored by 14.

4. Michigan State @ Illinois 2:30pn on BTN

Yes, it’s true. This game does have implications in the Big Ten West. That doesn’t matter though. Illinois is running away with this thing and we all just need to get over it. Their recipe is perfect. Great defense and an offense that just doesn’t make mistakes. They have a running back that makes teams focus on the running game and a QB that always has an answer when they need it. It is shocking and unsettling but they are by far the best Big Ten west team. Illinois is favored by 17.

3. Iowa @ Purdue 11am on FS1

YES! What a game. Really, these next 3 games are fantastic. Yet they are all on at 11am. These fools making the schedule need to get a grip. Everyone knows that the fans of Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Purdue all want to spend their Saturday salivating at how bad each other are. Disgusting that they won’t give us that chance. Iowa stinks on offense, despite last week’s game which should secure Brian Farentz an extension that handcuffs him to Iowa for a healthy ransom. Meanwhile, Purdue is coming off a bye and a loss to Wisconsin. I think this could be fun. Purdue is favored by 3.5.

2. Minnesota @ Nebraska 11am on ESPN 2

P.J. Fleck might just stay in Lincoln after this one, right Nebraska fans? Earlier I mentioned I am a Nebraska Truther. Let me go off on a tangent about this. Hey Nebraska, it’s not as good of a head coaching job as you seem to think. From the outside looking in, your team has been a bottom feeder for the last decade. I don’t care how great your facilities are and I don’t care how much NIL money you have. Not winning games for the greater part of your existence in the Big Ten matters. Minnesota should win this. But they are also not necessarily playing their best football. Nebraska is a bad football team and unless their starting QB is healthy, I’d be shocked if they won this game yet I am still intrigued. Minnesota is favored by 16 points.

1.Maryland @ Wisconsin 11am on BTN

It’s time to finally put Wisconsin in the top spot. I’m intrigued. Wisconsin is in a peculiar spot. They could still make a decent bowl. They have an interm coach that seems to be the next dude and they are finally getting healthy. Maryland is 6-2. They are a competent football team that should be a tough out for the rest of the season. We have all kinds of coverage on B5Q about this game. Let’s go!