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Big Ten Week 13 Preview: We’ve got some good games on deck!

Can both teams lose in Columbus? One can dream.

Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Mike Mulholland/Getty Images

It’s officially the last weekend of the season which means rivalry week is here. Outside of a few games, this weekend should be the best college football weekend of the year.

7. Rutgers @ Maryland 11:00am on BTN

Maryland and Rutgers is the rivalry that we never needed but we still got. I’d have to believe that both of these fan bases would agree with that sentiment. Since joining the Big Ten, Maryland leads this series 5-3. There have been a couple of tighter games in this series but still, it’s not going to be worth your time on Saturday morning. Maryland is favored by 14 points and I’d expect Maryland to win by even more.

6. Michigan State @ Penn State 3:00pm on FS1

Michigan State has a lot of distractions right now. They just have multiple players charged this week for the incident that took place at Michigan a few weeks ago. That being said, Michigan State can become Bowl eligible if they win this game. I doubt it happens though. Penn State is a good team this year that should have an opportunity to play in a New Year’s six bowl game if they can win this comfortably. Penn State is favored by 10.

5. Illinois @ Northwestern 2:30pm on BTN

Illinois is still going to get in a nice bowl game but their path to the Big Ten title game is narrow right now. They’d need Iowa and Purdue to lose this week and I don’t see that happening. Northwestern still only has ONE win this year and it was in week 0 against Nebraska. Illinois should win this by a lot, but it wouldn’t shock me if this game was closer than expected. Illinois is favored by 13.

4. Purdue @ Indiana 2:30pm on BTN

Purdue’s path to the Big Ten title game is also narrow but it’s less narrow than Illinois. If Iowa loses on friday, Purdue just has to win their game against Indiana. Otherwise this game will mean very little except for the in-state rivalry. Indiana is coming off an OT win against Michigan State last week but I still think Purdue should win this. Purdue is currently favored by 10.5.

3. Nebraska @ Iowa Friday 3:00pm on BTN

This has turned into a great rivalry over the past few years even though Iowa has dominated it over the last decade. Iowa has won 7 straight but the last 5 have all been one score games. On top of that, these two schools do not like each other and it makes for some great content on twitter. Iowa can clinch the west with a win on Friday and i’d expect a meltdown would ensue in Iowa CIty if they didn’t win. Iowa is favored by 10.5.

2. Minnesota @ Wisconsin 2:30pm on ESPN

This game used to be an automatic win for Wisconsin. But Minnesota has won the axe twice in the previous four meetings. Neither of these teams has had a year worthy of bragging about but this game still has a lot of juice. Head over to our site for all of the content leading up to what will be a very intriguing game on Saturday. Wisconsin is favored by 3.5.

1. Michigan @ Ohio State 11:00am on FOX

This game has some serious national implications. The winner of this game is almost guaranteed to make an appearance in the College Football Playoff this year. Ohio State had not lost this game in 9 years leading into last year’s matchup that Michigan won. It should be one of the best games of the year and it should be everyone’s 11am viewing. Also of note, we do not like either of these teams and either one would dominate whoever ends up in next week’s Big Ten Championship game. Ohio State is favored by 7.5.