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Wisconsin Football: Matchup to watch against Nebraska Cornhuskers

Wisconsin will need to be wary about a certain wide receiver in their matchup against Nebraska.

Syndication: Detroit Free Press Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK

After a deafening loss to the Iowa Hawkeyes last week, the 5-5 Wisconsin Badgers will look to bounce back and strive for bowl eligibility when they face off against the 3-7 Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday.

Nebraska has held a similar path to Wisconsin this season, as they fired head coach Scott Frost early in the season, although they haven’t had resonating success afterward.

Here’s the matchup of the week for the Badgers against the Cornhuskers this week.

WR Trey Palmer vs Wisconsin DBs

Cornhusker's wideout Trey Palmer is quietly compiling a strong season, racking up 58 receptions for 831 yards and five touchdowns, with the yards marker ranking in the top 30 amongst all FBS pass-catchers.

Palmer doubles all of his teammates in each of those three categories, separating himself as the clear top receiver for Nebraska.

Palmer also possesses a good frame at 6’1, 190-pounds, making him a potential challenge for Wisconsin.

The Badgers don’t have any cornerbacks over six feet to combat Palmer’s presence, although the return of Alexander Smith has bolstered the unit from its early-season struggles.

Wisconsin should look to limit Palmer’s impact, forcing quarterback Casey Thompson to look elsewhere.

Now, Wisconsin doesn't need to completely remove Palmer from the game. Remember, Charlie Jones compiled a quiet 10-catch, 105-yard performance when the Badgers defeated the Boilermakers.

Instead, Wisconsin should mitigate Palmer’s impact, which will place more emphasis on the trenches, where the Badgers showcased a strong performance last week.