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Week 12 College Football Playoff Rankings

Things are heatin’ up as we head into the final two weeks of the regular season!

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch / USA TODAY NETWORK

We had the third week of college football rankings released Tuesday night and things seem to be becoming clearer for the Big Ten and other teams around the country. Coming in at number 1 is the undefeated Georgia Bulldogs. Their remaining two regular season games are Kentucky and Georgia Tech. They’ll finish the conference season against LSU in the SEC championship game.

The next two spots belong to Ohio State and Michigan. Ohio State plays at Maryland this weekend while Michigan plays Illinois at the Big House. Next week, we’ll get the Big Ten matchup of the year as Michigan and Ohio State will play each other with a spot in the Big Ten championship and more importantly, the College Football Playoff on the line. (Editors note: Wouldn’t it be HILARIOUS if one of them got beat this weekend and sent everything into Chaos).

The last spot in the playoff is currently occupied by TCU. Their remaining games are against Baylor and Iowa State. They’ll also play in the Big 12 conference title game as they have already clinched their spot. To make the playoffs, TCU likely needs to win all three of their remaining games.

There is an outside chance a team like LSU could hop in if they were able to win out and beat Georgia in the SEC championship. The same goes for Tennessee, although their path is much harder since they lost to Georgia already and won’t be playing in the SEC championship game.

Needless to say, there is a ton still at stake for the teams in the top ten this week and every game is a must-win from here on out.

Full Rankings:

1. Georgia

2. Ohio State

3. Michigan

4. TCU

5. Tennessee

6. LSU

7. USC

8. Alabama

9. Clemson

10. Utah

11. Penn State

12. Oregon

13. North Carolina

14. Ole Miss

15. Kansas State

16. UCLA

17. Washington

18. Notre Dame

19. Florida State

20. UCF

21. Tulane

22. Oklahoma State

23. Oregon State

24. North Carolina State

25. Cincinnati