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Wisconsin Football: Paul Chryst deserves your respect

We all have opinions on the matter, but respect and credit is still owed.

New Mexico State v Wisconsin Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

As a Wisconsin football community, I think we need to get some things straight. Firstly, I admit that I thought it was time for a change in Wisconsin. I think anyone who reads our site knew that was my stance on the whole situation and that it had been for weeks. Many people likely share that same sentiment. On the flip side, there are likely people out there who think this was a mistake and that Wisconsin should have been happy with what they’ve had the last few years. I disagree but to each their own. I respect people's opinions.

All that said, and whatever your opinion is, one thing should be universal. Paul Chryst deserves your respect. Paul Chryst gave a lot of his time and life to this Wisconsin football program and what he accomplished should be appreciated.

Chryst was born and raised in the state of Wisconsin and played his college ball for the Badgers from 1986 to 1988. Playing quarterback for Wisconsin is something many little kids dream of growing up and doing and Chryst was able to do that and much more. After that, Chryst bounced around the country for other jobs but ultimately returned to Madison to take over as offensive coordinator. During that time Wisconsin football had some incredible seasons and Badger fans likely have a ton of great memories to hold onto from that era.

Chryst eventually went onto Pitt but when Wisconsin hit a rocky point in 2015 and made a change Chryst returned home and stabilized a program that was in flux. At the time, he was the perfect slam dunk hire for the Badgers and I think the majority of people believed that. I know I did. From then on Chryst once again produced some great moments that all of us can look back on. Sure, there were some disappointing losses in that span but Wisconsin had plenty of great wins and moments at that time as well.

Yes, things recently went South, and that ultimately that led to Chryst being let go but even after that it sounds like Chryst was loyal to Wisconsin. Multiple reports have come out saying that the buyout for Chryst’s contract was significantly less than what was owed to him. Chryst could have taken all 19.5 million that was owed to him without resistance. Nobody would fault him for that. I know I’d be taking it down to the last penny. Most would. Chryst though opted for less, I think because he cares about this program, his players, and his coaches. You have to give kudos to that, and everything he has done for Wisconsin.