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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, ep. 375: Graham Mertz dominates Northwestern + Red/White Scrimmage Takeaways

A huge bounceback from #5 on Saturday leads the Badgers to victory.

Wisconsin v Northwestern Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

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On today’s episode of Bucky’s 5th Podcast, we’ve got plenty to discuss from a busy weekend of Wisconsin athletics. First, we talk about some news surrounding Wisconsin football before getting into the game itself. In the game discussion, we start with talking about the strong energy Wisconsin came out in this contest. After that, we talk about the dominating performance of quarterback Graham Mertz. Was this the best performance of his career? It’s up there for sure! After that, we talk about some other key takeaways.

To finish the show we discuss Wisconsin Basketball’s red/white scrimmage from the weekend and a breakdown of who looked good in the contest. It appears many of the new faces shined which is huge for the Badgers as they get closer to opening their season. Enjoy!