Offensive Coordinator?

I do not understand what UW is not seeking (if we are not) a new offensive coordinator??? Whether - the (outside) individual would change things up - so that plays are changed at the line of scrimmage, or s/he (I'd guess he) would remain "old fashioned" in basic approach isn't a huge concern of mine.

What is troubling, is both the lack of imagination - flexibility of the offense and our seeming inability to adjust after first halves when things haven't gone excellently.

Run off tackle, run off tackle, run off tackle - a penalty or defense adjusting - often seems the norm.

Braelon Allen is an incredibly talented player - who also is a committed team player.

We remain dependent upon our offensive line dominating the opposing defensive line. When it doesn't work - we struggle often with our passing game. We clearly have some talented younger receivers. Do you really think we are going to continue to get outside receivers who will excel - IF - we don't improve here?

8th and 9th - in most areas - besides running - on our Offense! Imagine -

1. If our defense hadn't been what it was - we would have had a losing season and

2. IF we could have been 4th-or 5th - in offense - how we could probably at worst - have had two losses to Michigan and Notre Dame.

It is 3rd and 2 - at the opponents - 37 yard line. Why - why - why - do we consistently - fail at a pass attempt and then punt? Is it really obvious that we can't gain 2 yards on two rushes then? IF that is the case - why - are we primarily a running based offense?

Braelon Allen - needs several steps - to get going - to be effective. We need to vary - where he is running! Particularly when our Center Play - is often the weakest part of our offensive line - getting him outside quickly seems like a good option. He should be able to run inside to the left and right as well as outside in both directions.

Bostad - is a great coach! Let him focus on what he is good at! We should also be building towards our future. I would hope - that in 2-5 years - Chryst will retire and Leonhard - will be our new head coach. He will need a good offensive coordinator.

What am I missing? Are we scared - we will lose the offensive linemen - from Wisconsin? We already are losing some of them! Thanks!

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