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Bracketology Report: Where do the Badgers sit in Joe Lunardi’s latest bracket?

Could the Badgers be higher? One could argue...

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Maryland Daniel Kucin Jr.-USA TODAY Sports

College football has wrapped up its season which means many of us are finally turning our full focus over to college hoops. It’s a great time of year as we are now into conference play and the races across the country should really begin to heat up. It’s also a great time of year to start looking at where your respective team may be heading in March which brings us to the ever-important Bracketology report.

For the Wisconsin Badgers, it's been a steady climb upward in Joe Lunardi’s Bracketology release. The Badgers began the season outside of the dance but quickly found themselves crawling up the lines. In the latest version of Bracketology, Joe Lunardi has the Badgers as a 4-seed playing the 13-seeded Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in Milwaukee. The winner of that game would take on the 5/12 winner between Iowa State and Chattanooga.

While many of us would take the Badgers being a 4-seed at the beginning of the season I am almost feeling like it is a bit low considering the resume Wisconsin has built. For example, Purdue is listed as a 2-seed and has an equal record to the Badgers and a head-to-head loss to Wisconsin. The Boilermakers are a good team, but does that really justify being two lines higher than Wisconsin?


Shouldn’t Wisconsin be ahead of a team like Houston who’s played nobody and lost head to head? Does Joe Lunardi hate Wisconsin? Hmmm.

Speaking of Purdue they lead the way for the Big Ten as a 2-seed while Michigan State comes in behind them as a 3-seed. After that, you have Wisconsin and Illinois on the 4-seed line. Ohio State comes in on the 5-seed line while Indiana sits as a 7-seed and Iowa rounds out the conference as a 9-seed. The Big Ten does have a couple of teams on the outside looking in currently with Minnesota being part of the first four out, and Michigan being part of the next four out. What a fall for Michigan hoops. Do they get a pass since they are now a football school again?

Overall, it’s early and a lot can and will change. It’s certainly nice to see the Badgers projected as a top seed in the bracket, but things can improve and they can also drastically fall apart in a league like the Big Ten. Night in and night out it’s a grind, and that will continue for Wisconsin as they have two top-15 teams on the upcoming schedule in Ohio State and Michigan State. We’ll see how things change with Joey Brackets this time next week!