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I was wrong about Graham Mertz and I’m here to eat crow

He might not be a program a savior after all.

Wisconsin v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong about a sports-related thing than when I thought that Graham Mertz was going to be a Wisconsin Badgers football savior. I thought he was going to change the trajectory of the program and, well, I guess heading downwards is a change in trajectory.

Until proven otherwise, the 2020 Illinois game can never be brought up in regards to Mertz. While he still has a relatively small sample size, he has, for now, proven who he is and that person is not a Big Ten caliber starting quarterback.

Literally while I was writing this post Mertz threw a pick six.

I don’t know what Wisconsin needs to do on offense, but their quarterback is bad, their offensive line isn’t much better and none of their running backs nor wide receivers can do anything because of the previous two things.

Anyways, at least our Saturdays are free of stress moving forward this season because this team isn’t doing shit. I was wrong about Graham Mertz and I feel like a real big idiot.