My indefensibly obtuse take on the Tucker drama. (Too long for the comment section)

If I'm reading the rumor mill correctly...

Alando came to town in the wake of the Howard Moore tragedy (God rest his soul) and promptly assessed the situation. A weak head coach, an impressionable group of young-ish players, a rabid fan base hungry to continue the success of a legendary coach and a No Nonsense, egomaniacal AD who wouldn't want his legacy tarnished by a faltering basketball program.

He immediately began fostering discontent and distrust among the players and assistant coaches, playing one against another. It was a masterful bit of sabotage that led to a disastrous first half of the 2019-2020 season.

With the team in a shambles, he went to Barry saying Gard sucks and he, Alando, should be coach. Barry tells him to get bent, and he goes back to continue his diabolical plot.

The problem was, he had done such a good job of brainwashing Kobe King, that he quit in a convoluted storm of racism, ego and mental anguish. Unfortunately for Tucker, King's departure re-unified the team. They went on to claim a share of the B1G and a simulated national title.

With Gard's position further solidified, Alando redoubled his efforts to turn the team against Greg in the hopes of usurping the head coaching spot. He succeeded only in creating a whiny bunch of losers and leaking the culmination of his subterfuge to the press.

Then he tried to get somebody in the soon-to-be vacant AD chair who would fire Gard and hire him.

In the end, he didn't get the HC job, lost his assistant gig and made himself look like a complete heel.

I don't buy it.

Barry strikes me as the kind of guy who cuts the cancer out. If Tucker came to him talking about getting rid of Gard, Alvarez wouldn't have sat on that information. He would have told Greg and let him handle it how he needed to.

If Gard knew he had this problem in January of 2020 and let it continue for another season and a half, he's a bigger pussy than even I think he is. Tucker would have either been fired on the spot, or let go at the end of the 2019-2020 season.

And if the disappointments of this past season were due, in part, to Alando's trumped up discontent, with both Barry and Greg knowing about his plot, would they really have let Tucker onto the search committee for the new AD?


Would Tucker really, out of pure, narcissistic spite, trash both the basketball program and his own reputation by leaking that tape?


But, improbable as it may be, if all of this is true, it's still Gard's fault for allowing it to go on, right under his nose, for two years.

If nothing else, I believe Alando was right about one thing...Greg Gard should not be the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers.


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