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Homefield just released vintage Wisconsin apparel line for Big New Saturday

We are very excited and the shirts are very good.

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Homefield Apparel

Homefield Apparel, aka The Good Brand, has been making incredibly comfortable, officially licensed premium collegiate apparel with vintage college designs since 2018. Here, in the year of our Lord 2021, they have finally secured the Wisconsin Badgers license and now, as of mere minutes ago, have 14 brand spanking new designs for you on their website.

Just take a look at some of these!

The shirts...they are nice.

Homefield is in the middle of Big New Saturday Season 2, where they launch a new school on their site every Saturday for 16-weeks straight and this week they’ll be launching Wisconsin. The first four weeks of BNS 2 have been straight fire with Notre Dame, LSU, Texas and Texas A&M getting the full Homefield treatment which means they dig through the archives and history of our school to find the best logos, mascots, memories and stories to tell.

As a personal aside, I’ve purchased around 10 shirts from Homefield in the past, as well as a pair of their limited run Doggers (their extremely comfy joggers with the Sad Husky on them) which they were bullied into making by College Football Twitter.

They are printed on high quality garments with extreme comfort in mind and, boy howdy, do they hit the spot. The brand is also run by excellent people. Connor and his wife Christa are the brains behind the operation (you can read about them here from The Athletic ($)) and they both exceptionally kind and gracious. They also recently hired Whitney Medworth (formerly of SB Nation) as their director of content and she has been a pleasure to work with over the past few weeks.

One final piece of information that you need to know is that Big New Saturday is also a competition. Homefield keeps track of how many shirts Wisconsin fans are buying and they’ll give updates throughout the day comparing us to the other fanbases that have come before. I won’t say who next week’s BNS school is but, rest assured, we will want to set an extremely high bar for them to reach due to, you know, sports rivalries.

Again, here is the link to buy these wonderful t-shirts and sweatshirts that will make all of your friends jealous...unless they buy some too. Because we, and The Good Brand, love you, you can get 15% off your first purchase from Homefield with code B5Q at checkout.