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Wisconsin women’s basketball: Marisa Moseley completes her new staff

New student assistant, and former UW player, Estella Moschkau highlights the support staff.

Wisconsin v Maryland Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

On Thursday afternoon, new Wisconsin Badgers women’s basketball coach Marisa Moseley announced the completion of her support staff.

“I am ecstatic to be able to announce the completion of my staff with Mitch Simmons, A.J. Whitehead, Erin McQuillan joining Erica Yost, Emili Leyden and Estella Moschkau,” Moseley said. “Typically considered ‘support staff,’ these individuals are rock stars and are integral to the success of our program in the present and the future. Each brings a unique skillset and perspective, and I am confident that with their addition to our overall staff we are headed in the right direction.”

It is cool to see Moschkau, a Madison native, join the coaching staff after playing, and starting all 24 games, for the Badgers last season. She earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from Stanford in 2020 and is currently a graduate student at UW working towards her degree in educational leadership and policy analysis with a concentration in intercollegiate athletic administration.