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Chris McIntosh is honored, excited to start his new job as Wisconsin athletic director

The Pewaukee native held his opening press conference on Wednesday afternoon in Madison.

David Stluka; UW Athletics Communications

Here are a couple of highlights from Chris McIntosh’s opening remarks to the Wisconsin community at large. McIntosh was, at times, emotional about where he had been and where he is now but also displayed a mostly calm and even-keeled demeanor that should serve him well as the leader of an enormous department.

  • “There is one thing that will not change about our program, there is one thing that will remain consistent, and that is that education will be the top priority of our department.”
  • On his commitment to the athletes at UW, “I will always put you first. Always. No matter where you are from or what sport you play. We are a part of the same family.”
  • “The greatest strength of this department is our people. We are committed to doing things with integrity, with hard work, we like to have fun and we like to do things the Wisconsin Way.”
David Stluka; UW Athletics Communications

Here are some thoughts, per UW, from coaches around campus.

“Since I came back to Wisconsin, it’s been terrific to work closely with Mac. He has helped our program tremendously in a number of different ways. He is truly in this for the good of Wisconsin Athletics and the good of our student-athletes. That is what drives him every day. I also appreciate his forward thinking and his ability to find creative solutions to potential issues. I am excited about this opportunity for him and for the impact he will have on our department as a whole.” - Paul Chryst, Head Coach, Wisconsin football

“I am excited for the announcement of Chris McIntosh as our next AD! In the short time I have been a Badger, Mac and I have had many in-depth conversations about the future of this department and where we are headed. I am confident with his leadership, we will continue to achieve great things!” - Marisa Moseley, Head Coach, Wisconsin women’s basketball

“It’s a great day for Wisconsin Athletics! Our department is in excellent hands with Chris, who knows and loves this University. There is great balance with him — he knows what works here and is also forward-thinking and will be able to lead Wisconsin Athletics into the future.” - Kelly Sheffield, Head Coach, Wisconsin volleyball

“I personally want to congratulate Chris McIntosh on being named our new athletic director here at Wisconsin. I’m really excited for Mac, his family and what lies ahead for our athletic department. It’s a great day to be a Badger!” - Mark Johnson, Head Coach, Wisconsin women’s hockey

“I am a huge supporter of Chris McIntosh and what he has done for our athletic department over the past several years. I am so excited that he will be our new athletics director and lead us in the future. If there’s anyone who can carry on Barry’s legacy, it’s Chris. He has learned from Coach and understands what Wisconsin Athletics is all about. Chris, along with Barry and the rest of the administration, have done a phenomenal job making tough decisions during COVID to give our student-athletes a chance to compete and that makes me excited for the future of Badger athletics. Congratulations, Chris!” - Tony Granato, Head Coach, Wisconsin men’s hockey

“I’m really happy for Chris and his family. He’s done a phenomenal job in his time here and really helped guide us through this pandemic in a professional and thoughtful way. His leadership skills were put to the test over the last 18 months and I thought he did an exceptional job handling a difficult situation. As someone who knows a little about stepping into the shoes of a predecessor who had an incredible impact, I have every bit of confidence Chris will thrive. He’s Wisconsin through and through and embodies what it means to be a Badger. He knows the ingredients that make Wisconsin successful and we’re in great hands.” - Greg Gard, Head Coach, Wisconsin men’s basketball