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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, ep. 242: recapping the first week of Wisconsin spring football

We’ve got a lot to discuss in regards to the first week of spring football!

Kelli Steffes; UW Athletics Communications

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On today’s episode of Bucky’s 5th Podcast we’ve got a whole lot to recap from the first week of Spring football practice. To start, we discuss the roster changes after the Spring roster was released last week. In our discussion, we dive into the departures of Taj Mustapha, Aaron Vopal, and Boyd Dietzen. After that, we break down any significant weight and position changes and how that might impact the position rooms.

Later on, we discuss the news surrounding Graham Mertz battling a shoulder injury for most of the 2020 season. In this part of the show, we take a look at the impact it may have had not only on him but on the offense as a whole. To round out the episode we briefly touch on some Wisconsin basketball, specifically the recruiting dynamics in the battle state of Ohio.