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Wisconsin football: wide receivers speak to the media

A veteran group of receivers is looking to make up for a down season last year.

Kendric Pryor running through drills at practice.
Kelli Steffes; UW Athletics Communications

Alvis Whitted

On what Danny Davis and Kendric Pryor need to do to elevate their game this year: “They need to continue to be confident in their abilities...just go out there and play and let their play speak for themselves. They gotta continue to be consistent and available. When they’re on the field, they’re special.”

Notes that Chimere Dike made a lot of plays his freshman year. “I love everything about that kid and what he has done.” Mentions Devin Chandler flashing too.

“This spring has been invaluable to our group.”

“A.J. Abbott is starting to flash. He’s gotta continue to be consistent. He can do some things, he’s physically gifted.” Mentions that Abbott is doing a lot of work/studying after practice.

Further on Abbott: “I think he’s taking a bigger approach mentally to the game. He has taken time to understand ‘the why.’ You can see it in a lot of the plays that he makes. He needs to not be satisfied with where he is today but find a way to get better each day.”

On depth at WR: “We have great players at the tight end position and we have great backs. There are only so many balls to go around. We have a room full of guys that can potentially, maybe have three or four guys on the field at a time. It could be something really special.”

Whitted talks at length about how helpful this spring has been for his room in terms of all the little things as well as the big picture of being a wide receiver.

On Davis and Pryor coming back for one more season: “One thing that gave them confidence to come back was that I was going to be here. I’m thankful for all those guys coming back because they do believe in UW.”

Kendric Pryor

Pryor mentions that getting a chance to work with coach Whitted again was a selling point in coming back to Madison. He also thinks that “this year can be really special” and wants one more run with his teammates since he only got to play two and a half games last year.

“[Whitted] has coached guys where I’m trying to get.”

Compares how he wants his mindset to be is similar to Russell Westbrook’s mindset. Off the court Westbrook has a bunch of friends in the basketball world but the second he steps onto the court he has no friends and wants to dominate the opposition. Pryor calls it “being a dog.”

Pryor speaks at length at all of the little things that Abbott has been improving on this spring. Seems like Abbott has made a real impression on everyone so far.

Pryor wants to be more vocal on the field and work on his route running.

Danny Davis in spring practice.
Kelli Steffes; UW Athletics Communications

Danny Davis

Davis is also excited to work with Whitted for another year and “put together a full season and attack it with everyone.”

On what this passing game could potentially be this year: “Explosive, man. We’ve got a bunch of guys that are all coming together.”

Davis wants to work on being more consistent as well as a number of smaller technical things with his footwork and his breaks that will help him be more “clean.”

Jack Dunn

On returning veteran depth: “I expect us to take some pretty meaningful steps forward.”

On Whitted having a full offseason with the wideouts: “Now that he’s got a full year of being here and understands things the way that he does, it’s really the technique stuff.”

“I hope my role is whatever helps us wins the most games.”

On deciding to come back for one more year: “I felt like I’d be selling myself short and letting those guys (teammates) down if I didn’t take it.”

On using two punt returners: “We have a lot of guys on our schedule who do rugby-style punts...I think by putting two guys back there it hinders their ability to get a lot of hidden yardage.”

Chimere Dike

Mentions that he thought he did some good things in his first year but isn’t satisfied with his performance.

On his communication with quarterbacks Graham Mertz and Chase Wolf: “From year one to year two our communication has just continued to grow. Being able to get more reps with them...has been big. We’re getting on the same page a lot and it has been really fun.”

On how Devin Chandler is playing: “I’m looking forward to playing with him and doing big things alongside him.”

Notes that he isn’t dwelling on the past but mentions that it has made him who he is today and it’s important.