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Wisconsin volleyball: UW is swept by Texas in the Final Four

The first loss of the season for the Badgers came in the national semifinals.

2020 NCAA Division I Women’s Volleyball Semifinals Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

Nothing gold can stay.

Not only is this a poem by Robert Frost that I somehow remembered the title of after drinking multiple beers on Thursday night, it is also an apt metaphor for the Wisconsin Badgers volleyball senior class. These women saw their season and, in some cases, careers end on Thursday night at the hands of a talented Texas Longhorns squad.

Sydney Hilley, Dana Rettke, Grace Loberg, Molly Haggerty, Lauren Barnes, Deahna Kraft and Giorgia Civita gave everything they had to even play this season and still came up short in the Final Four.

This Wisconsin Badgers team was great. Don’t get it twisted because they lost in the Final Four, this team whipped major ass. Dana Rettke is one of the all-time greatest players to ever grace a volleyball court. Sydney Hilley will be remembered as one of the finest setters the Big Ten has ever seen. Lauren Barnes sacrificed her body so often to reach a ball she might as well be a nun.

These women ruled and they deserve better than being remembered as just another Wisconsin team that couldn’t win the “big one.”

I’ll be perfectly honest with you here, I don’t want to talk too much about the stats of the math, we can get into that tomorrow, I just want you to know that this watching this team was an honor and hopefully this program will break through soon and win a national title.