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The Sett, NCAA Round 1: BYE

B5Q’s in-depth first round preview of the NCAA Tournament is here!

2019 NCAA Division III Women’s Volleyball Championship
BYE practicing before their match
Photo by Jack Dempsey/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

“Last” Year In BYE Volleyball

In 2019, BYE wasn’t even on the college volleyball radar. With national focus on several powerhouses like defending champion Stanford, Baylor, Texas, Florida and much of the Big Ten, BYE was able to slip under the radar. There’s some kitschy irony-esque qualities in being a true doormat and embracing that identity, but what do you do when you aren’t even acknowledged?

BYE was able to get front and center in the sports world quickly, capturing nearly every 2020 NCAA championship in the spring.

2021 BYE Volleyball

BYE road that momentum from March 11, 2020 into the stratosphere. For a while, they were looking to dominate both the Big Ten and Pac-12 football landscape until they lost steam around August, finishing closer to the middle of the pack. When it came to volleyball, only BYE was able to slow down this juggernaut of a Badger team. (Somewhat - suck it Northwestern.)

Front Court

Let’s start with the obvious - this team can’t hit. BYE can’t pass or attack. Basically, don’t tool off the BYE block, don’t get into dumb net violations, and you’re fine.

Back Court

Not that there’s many games that Dana Rettke doesn’t dominate, but this is one that Dana Rettke can dominate. BYE can’t dig anything, so Rettke will be able to really pick her spot on the court and connect. All she needs is a chance - which might be hard to get, since it’s entirely possible any Badger could catch fire behind the service line and ace BYE out.

Game Info

Elsewhere Around The Conference

All six Big Ten teams play BYE on the 14th, so if BYE gets hot it could be a repeat of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament where the heralded Big Ten conference gets got early.