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Wisconsin football: Paul Chryst speaks to media ahead of spring practice

Spring ball starts on Tuesday so the boss man spoke to the media on Monday.

NCAA Football: Duke’s Mayo Bowl-Wake Forest vs Wisconsin Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday afternoon, a day before spring practice is set to begin in Madison, Wisconsin Badgers head coach Paul Chryst spoke to the media. We were unable to attend live, but listened to the recording and have all of the pertinent information from Coach Dad.

The Badgers, like many other teams last season, didn’t get any spring practices in and you would have to imagine that was detrimental to the development of the younger players on the team.

  • “We’ve got 44 players on our roster that have never gone through a spring practice.”
  • Notes that this is as late of a start as they’ve had because they wanted to make sure to get full winter conditioning in.
  • “Really excited to have the opportunity to work with Gary. The fact that he was available, we feel fortunate.”
  • Former Wisconsin Badger and Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Travis Fredrick reached out to Chryst on behalf of Gary Brown, the former RBs coach in Dallas.
  • Chryst says that he loves the influx of new ideas that hiring someone like Brown brings.
  • When asked about his “new responsibilities,” Chryst notes that he has had experience with the quarterbacks and calling plays so while they are techincally “new” responsibilities this year he isn’t too worried about them.
  • On COVID testing: The players get tested three times a week with the PCR tests. Sounds like everyone is way more used to the protocols this year.
  • On Jim Leonhard being considered for the Green Bay Packers DC job: The program means so much to Jim Leonhard and “a big reason why he’s doing this is because this place means a ton to him.”
  • On potential position changes: “Right now we don’t have a ton, I don’t believe we have anyone this is changing position rooms” on guys moving positions this spring. However on the o-line many guys are still learning multiple positions

Injury updates

DE Matt Henningsen will be available for the spring
DE James Thompson Jr. will not be available for the spring
WR Stephan Bracey won’t be ready for start of spring
CB Dean Engram will be limited to start spring ball too
Chryst noted that there may be a few others but he couldn’t remember off the top of his head.