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Bracketology Report: where do the Badgers sit heading into Selection Sunday?

Take a look at the latest seeding for the Badgers before Sunday’s final bracket is released.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Wisconsin vs Iowa Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It has been an up and down season for the Wisconsin basketball team and Friday night their Big Ten Tournament ended as the Badgers fell to Iowa for the third time this season. With that loss their body of work is complete and now they await their fate to see who they’ll be taking on in Indianapolis. There are a variety of seedings projections out there so let’s take a look at each before the final bracket is revealed on Sunday evening.

Joe Lunardi- ESPN

Last year it seemed like the Badgers could do no right in Joe Lunardi’s eyes and this year it feels like they can do no wrong. In the latest release from Lunardi Wisconsin is projected to be a 6-seed in region 3. I think for the majority of Badger fans that seems a little high but the quality losses on their resume seem to keep the Badgers in a favorable spot according to Lunardi.

In the release the Badgers would take on the 11-seed UCLA Bruins. The winner of that contest would take on the winner of the 3/14 matchup between Houston and Morehead State.

Overall, this feels like a very favorable spot for Wisconsin. UCLA is a team that is very beatable and of the 3-seed Houston is an ok draw in the second round. Additionally, the Badgers would avoid Gonzaga or Baylor if they were to make a run which is what every team is hoping to do.

Jerry Palm - CBS

Speaking of Baylor, Wisconsin is not so lucky in Jerry Palm’s latest release. According to Palm, Wisconsin is currently a 9-seed in Baylor’s region. The Badgers would take on the BYU Cougars in the 8/9 matchup and the winner would likely draw the Bears unless the 16-seed pulls off a UMBC type upset.

Obviously for the Badgers that is not an ideal draw, but they’ve pulled off that 1/8 upset before. I would argue that Wisconsin was far more talented that year than they are this year, but you never know. The Badgers have played spurts of better basketball the last few contests, but I don’t know if even a complete, strong 40 minutes will be enough to knock off a team like Baylor.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Conference Tournament-Wisconsin vs Iowa Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Andy Katz -

Last but not least is Andy Katz’s bracket which has Wisconsin in between the previous two. According to his latest release, the Badgers are slated as a 7-seed in Illinois region. Wisconsin would take on the 10-seed LSU Tigers in the opening round, and the winner of that contest would take on the winner of the 2/15 contest between Houston and Cleveland State.

Overall, I think this is the most realistic projection out there. It seems Lunardi is putting too much stock in the Badgers quality losses, while Palm seems to be discrediting the Badgers entirely. I feel like a 7-seed is fair and probably what the Badgers would be very happy to get based on the resume. Wisconsin’s best win is over Loyola Chicago, so at the end of the day they’ll be happy just hearing their name called, but a 7-seed I think allows you to feel a little bit more comfortable.