CBB 2021 roster

This forum doesn’t seem to get a lot of basketball discussion, so maybe this falls on deaf ears.

A huge number of seniors will be leaving the squad at the conclusion of this season. Those include Trice, Ford, Davison, Potter, Reuvers, Anderson and McGrory. So, where does that leave them for next season? RealGM lists most of their returnees playing SF. See

You’d have to think that Gard will have both Wahl and Johnny Davis in the 2021 lineup, at SF and SG, respectively. Incoming freshman Chucky Hepburn likely mans the PG. So, who are the bigs? My guess is that Joe Hedstrom will man the center. They have three incoming freshmen, Matthew Mors, Chris Hodges, and Markus Iver, but until one or more emerges I suspect Ben Carlson gets the nod here.

PG Chucky Hepburn, Carter Higginbottom

SG Johnny Davis, Jordan Davis, Justin Taphorn

SF Tyler Wahl, Carter Gilmore

PF Ben Carlson, Matthew Mors, Chris Hodges, Markus Iver

C Joe Hedstrom, Stephen Crowl

That’s a fairly talented but young roster.

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