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Ranking every play of Wisconsin’s final drive against Arizona State

That was erotic.

NCAA Football: Las Vegas Bowl-Wisconsin at Arizona State Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

The Wisconsin Badgers could not move the ball in the second half. Like, at all. In the third quarter the Badgers offense racked up negative seven yards and then gained zero yards on one play in the fourth quarter before giving the ball back to ASU. The Sun Devils couldn’t do anything with the ball and ended up pinning the Badgers on their own three-yard line after a beautiful punt from their backup punter.

When Wisconsin started the drive there was 9:57 left on the clock. When they ended it? There were triple zeroes on the clock. Let’s rank all 19 plays from a legendary (if it wasn’t in the Las Vegas Bowl) final drive of the game.

19) Play 18, kneel down at ASU 10 for loss of two
18) Play 7, John Chenal rush for loss of five to UW 24
17) Play 4, Braelon Allen rush for one yard to UW 16
16) Play 13, Allen rush for loss of two to ASU 22
15) Play 11, Allen rush for no gain to ASU 34
14) Play 17, kneel down at ASU 8 for loss of two
13) Play 6, Julius Davis rush for three yards to UW 29
12) Play 10, Chenal rush for three yards to ASU 34, first down
11) Play 16, Allen rush for three yards to ASU 6
10) Play 19, Chenal rush for three yards to ASU 7, turnover on downs
9) Play 15, Allen rush for three yards to ASU 11, offsides penalty on ASU, first down
8) Play 2, Allen rush for four yards to UW 12
7) Play 9, Allen rush for nine yards to ASU 37
6) Play 1, Allen rush for five yards to UW 8
5) Play 14, Allen rush for eight yards to ASU 14
4) Play 5, Graham Mertz completes pass to John Chenal for 10 yards to UW 26, first down
3) Play 3, Allen rush for three yards to UW 15, first down
2) Play 12, Allen rush for 14 yards to ASU 20, first down
1) Play 8, Mertz completes pass to Chimere Dike for 30 yards to ASU 46, first down

This is indisputably correct. Good luck arguing with it!