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2022 Early Signing Day Open Thread!

Talk about recruits Wisconsin got or recruits Wisconsin missed on or how you would run Wisconsin’s recruiting department!

Strictly Business Preview. The Medley color printer which also is a scanner, copier and plain paper fax machine

Good morning and welcome to the busiest day of our blog year! Football signing day has always been “a thing” for those of us with severe brain damage who care about recruiting all year, but it has slowly started to seep into the consciousness of regular college football fans.

Use this thread to talk about anything related to football recruiting today! Some starter ideas for you:

  • recruits Wisconsin got
  • recruits Wisconsin didn’t get
  • recruits Wisconsin might get
  • other teams recruits
  • which recruit has the best name
  • the one Iowa recruit who might become a farmer instead
  • how the SEC is cheating
  • how Ohio State is cheating
  • how Nebraska is cheating, but really bad at it
  • how Texas is back
  • And, as always, please please please please please please don’t tweet at recruits. Please. And if you do...don’t bring us into it. Please.

We have got a bunch of stuff planned for the rest of the day/week, so keep checking back to feed your recruiting sickness!