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Wisconsin football recruiting: Kalon Gervin, we hardly knew ye

Gervin has changed his mind and will become a Jayhawk instead of a Badger.

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan State
Kalon Gervin (No. 18) doing to Wisconsin what Garrett Wilson did to him.
Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Former Wisconsin Badgers transfer portal commit (I don’t really know what to call him) Kalon Gervin has changed his mind and will be transferring from Michigan State to Kansas, instead of Wisconsin. The former Spartans cornerback entered the transfer portal at the end of September and chose Wisconsin as his preferred landing spot on Oct. 26.

Now, uh, he is going to Kansas! So...yeah, that’s about all there is to this story.

Gervin stands at 5-foot-11 and weighs 190 pounds. In 23 career games (nine starts) he has 44 career tackles and six passes defended while also recovering a fumble and returning it for a touchdown.

Why did he change his mind and switch to KU? Who knows! Could be there was an immediate starting spot available for him with the Jayhawks? Is a Wisconsin cornerback coming back for another season that hasn’t announced yet? Does he hate cheese curds??? While it is hard to miss something you never had, and Gervin may not even have worked out for the Badgers, this is just another data point on a downward trending recruiting graph.

It will be interesting to see what Paul Chryst and co. do the rest of this offseason with the transfer portal because it is likely they’ll have a few open scholarships. While Wisconsin hasn’t been as active as a Michigan State they have found successful players like Chez Mellusi, so hopefully they see the value in the portal.