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Bucky’s 5th Podcast, ep. 309: What went wrong in the Badgers disastrous trip to Minnesota

What a gross, gross game.

Wisconsin v Minnesota Photo by David Berding/Getty Images

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On today’s episode of Bucky’s 5th Podcast, we’ve got a lot to get to. Some good, some bad. To start, we talk some football news in regards to some transfer announcements. After that, we get into some basketball news before diving into recapping the Wisconsin basketball team’s stellar performance that led them to a Maui Invitational Championship over St. Mary’s. In our discussion, we talk about Jonathan Davis’s strong start to the season and rave about the play of forward Tyler Wahl.

In the back half of the show, we get into what went wrong for Wisconsin football against Minnesota. In our conversation, we talk about the lackluster offense, the stale play-calling once again returning, the defensive struggle, and much more. We hope you enjoy listening and revisiting this disaster as much as a person can. We’re sorry we have to dread that gross game back up.