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Wisconsin football: Paul Chryst Week 12 press conference recap

What did coach Chryst have to say as the Badgers get ready for Nebraska?

Northwestern v Wisconsin Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Wisconsin football dominated Northwestern this past Saturday, and now the page turns to Nebraska. The Cornhuskers sit at the bottom of the Big Ten West, but they seem to be a team that has played better than what their record indicates. Here is what UW head coach Paul Chryst had to say about both last week and this week’s contest.

Chryst started the presser by hitting every single word on the bingo card. Generally, I would omit this part but it was simply too good not to share. If we played a shots game based on buzz words I think I’d be overserved by noon on a Monday.

“Excited to be back with the guys and going on this weeks preparation. Need to have a great week. Great week of uh, ya know, each day we gotta make sure we make the most of it and get us read for the opportunity to take on, in my opinion, a really good Nebraska football team.”

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 13 Northwestern at Wisconsin Photo by Dan Sanger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After that, Chryst talked about tailback Brady Schipper who has now emerged as the Badgers' number two tailback after the injury to Chez Mellusi.

“What Ship has done to be a valuable part of this team is that he comes everyday and puts the work in. He’s consistent. He had a really good spring and for a while was darn near the only back going... I think he sensed that there is a niche that he could fill... I think he’s done a really good job with that.”

Following that, Chryst talked about the play of Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez and what he does to stress out opposing defenses.

“He’s a dynamic athlete and he can stress you and make plays, big plays, with his arm and his legs. They do a nice job overall in the scheme in putting them in those positions... I remember when he first came in he was impressive. He’s continued to improve and get better (writers note: no he hasn't) he’s been healthy this whole year... he’s making big plays running the ball and throwing the ball.”

Then Chryst was asked about the false starts for the Wisconsin offense which happen far too many times this past Saturday, with the Badgers being flagged for five total.

“I thought the first one we were in our red zone going toward our student section, that was one that you had a sense there was something with the cadence. The others ones I thought flat-out guys just gotta lock in on it. When you see one guy, not a couple, then it tends to be on that one person.”

“I think that it’s everyone kinda doing their part in it. The protection has been good, Graham’s had time and the routes have been where they need to be and Grahams been seeing it and trusting it and giving it a chance... each week’s another challenge going up against another really good defense.”

After that, Chryst talked about Senior Day, and the unique situation surrounding the group of seniors and super seniors.

“I think this is a unique year with a combination of guys that woulda had their senior day last year, and another having it now. Let’s face it some of these guys have an option to come back and were going to choose and celebrate them while we can... for me, it’s each individual. You appreciate the time you get to spend with them. You appreciate all that they gave and all that they did to grow, not just as a football player, but as a person... each guy has their own story.”

To finish things out Chryst discussed his overall impressions of Nebraska and noted that despite the record, this team is a good test for them.

“The play, the way they’re playing grabs your attention. We all know the record but you watch the film and it doesn't matter... they’ve got very good players and their scheme forces you to be very disciplined... when you watch the tape you see a good football team and you see it in every game. We’ve gotta have a good week this week in preparing ourselves and we’ve gotta play well to win this one.”

Overall, Chryst seems to have things humming along and the focus on this upcoming week is already clearly there. Nebraska is a team that certainly has a poor record, but the sentiment is there that they are a group that is better than what their record indicates, and they’ll need to have a good week of preparation to come away with a victory here.