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SB Nation Reacts: who do you hate more...Minnesota or Iowa? [UPDATE: results]

We know this is a tough question, but please vote with the most hateful part of your heart.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

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It’s a question that comes up fairly regularly in groups of friends that discuss college sports: who is your biggest rival? If I may offer up what may be considered a hot take...I think that Minnesota is pretty clearly Wisconsin’s biggest rival in football and overall. That’s not the answer we are looking for this week though.

We want to know which football program you hate more: Minnesota or Iowa.

While there is definitely no wrong answer here as both teams are eminently loathsome, it is worth finding out who is hated more, you know, for science. We also want to know who you think is going to win the Heartland Trophy this weekend and, in what should be the stat that defines the game, which team will win the turnover battle.

Please vote on those three questions below and we will have the results for you before the game on Saturday morning.

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And here are the results of our highly scientific poll:

Iowa winning the turnover battle seems...likely and 64% of you agree with the sentiment. If the Badgers can somehow force at least one turnover, their chances to win improve greatly.

As for who will win the game? People are pretty split as 54% think that the Badgers will win. I’m sure 100% of you think that the game will be close and will hate it the whole time.

And lastly, the most important result: Minnesota sucks mondo ass.

Also, for the national question of the week, people are overwhelmingly excited to watch Michigan and Michigan State do battle this weekend.

Game of the week

Michigan at Michigan State - 81%
Penn State at Ohio State 8%
Georgia at Florida 7%
Ole Miss at Auburn 5%

It is also worth noting that 77% of fans think either an undefeated Michigan or an undefeated MSU should make the Playoff over an undefeated Oklahoma.