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Our sadness in tweets

Wisconsin football with another pathetic showing this season and, unfortunately, people are taking notice.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Wisconsin Badgers were, yet again, shoved down the nation’s throat on national television a lot of national media was watching them get dismantled methodically by the Michigan Wolverines. Here is a bunch of stuff that people said on Twitter dot com during the game.

Some really good signs for the rest of the season, you know, record-wise.

A “grim watch” is putting it kindly, Spencer.

This woman is all of us.

Dammit Jane, you don’t even write about college football anymore! LEAVE US ALONE!

Probably the most effort Michigan exerted all day tbqh.

This is the guy y’all wanted to play QB?

Getting owned in our own student section.

Offseason staff shakeup you say?

Can’t get to the next level when you just dropped down a couple of levels.

There are way more tweets about this game but I’m tired of looking them up. There is something rotten at the core of this offense and I don’t know if Paul Chryst and the staff, as currently constructed, can fix it. An absolute must this offseason is finding a new offensive coordinator, one that has zero ties to the Wisconsin football program and isn’t afraid to bring in new ideas.

The Badgers old ideas worked for a long time, but they aren’t any longer. Adapt or die, as they say.