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Does your college town suck? United States Military Academy

“Mom signed me up for the Army, because the fat man dared her to...”

New to the line up this season: we will be examining the various college towns of Wisconsin’s opponents. We’ll be answering all of the important questions – Is it a state capital? What is the population? Does it have a Culver’s?


City: West Point, N.Y.

Size: 25.1 square miles

Location: 41°23′N 73°58′W

Population: 6,379 (2019)

State Capital? No

Time Zone: Eastern

Landmarks: West Point, uh, itself


West Point is the oldest continuously occupied military post in the United States. It was first occupied by the military in 1778, when Brigadier General Samuel Holden Parsons and his troops crossed the frozen Hudson River and climbed to the plain on West Point. From that moment forward, it has been occupied.

It sits on strategic high ground overlooking the Hudson River.

West Point is a Census Designated Area, much like Notre Dame, Indiana, as it’s not really a town, it is just its own thing.

West Point, formerly Fort Clinton, was a fortified site during the Revolutionary War. The site was chosen due to the S-curve of the Hudson, making it a great vantage point. During the Revolutionary War, large iron chains were placed in the Hudson to prevent the British from sailing up river, closer to Fort Clinton, but the British never attempted to sail up that way, so the chains never got to test their metal…(Editor’s note: dammit, Ryan)

Following the end of the Revolutionary War, West Point was primarily used as a storage facility for cannons and other military property. However, in 1802 the United States Military Academy was established.

In order to attend the academy, an applicant must receive a nomination from a government official. Once accepted, students are referred to as cadets and are officers in training. The Army fully funds their tuition to the school, in exchange for an active-duty service obligation upon graduation.

About 1,300 cadets join the academy each year, with about 1,000 of them eventually graduating.

The entire campus is considered a national landmark, with many historic sites and buildings. Most of the buildings on campus are “Norman-Style” in design and are made from gray and black granite. The history surrounding the site make it a common tourist destination, with the oldest museum in the United States Army.

Coincidentally, Tony Hale, the actor who played Buster Bluth, was born at West Point.


As you can imagine, West Point has its share of drinking and eating establishments and as someone that enjoys a little word play and some puns, I am loving the names of two of the establishments – First Class Club and Zulu Time.

One visitor had this to say about the First Class Club, “This little bar is a great spot to slam an ice cold Yuengling, watch some sports on the big screen and hang-out with the cadets. There is also food served at the First Class Club with a fairly extensive menu of bar fare. Multiple pool tables, shuffle board, darts and foosball are all free for patrons of the club.”

He went on to say that the building was originally used as an armory, which makes for some cool historical significance.

The base also has bunch of other restaurants, highlighted by However, one thing that they do not have is a Culver’s. C’mon US Government, give our cadets butter burgers and frozen custard!


Michie Stadium is the home of the Army Black Knights. It opened in 1924 and seats 38,000. It’s setting is perched on the upper portion of campus, 335 feet above sea level and it’s picturesque view looking out at the Hudson River, ranked it the No. 3 sports venue of the 20th century, by Sports Illustrated.

The stadium is dedicated to Dennis Michie (1870-1898). Michie played a large roll in starting the football program when he was a cadet at the university. He managed, organized and coached the first football team at West Point in 1890. Sadly, he was killed six years after graduation in Cuba, during the Spanish-American War.

Does your college town suck?

No, not at all! And I am not saying that because they could easily find me if they wanted to...