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B5Q Blogopean Union: the men’s soccer team is really doing the damn thing

Plus: Micah Potter showing out in the NBA preseason; the Numbers still love Wisconsin football; and the women’s hockey team can’t stop scoring goals.

Miami Heat Media Day Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Good morning! This is going to be a daily(ish) post that discusses the goings on of the rest of the Big Ten Conference, and the country as needed. Much like the European Union, the Big Ten is a loosely confederated group of entities that sometimes have the same goals (like free movement of people between countries or not winning national titles in football or basketball) and sometimes accept new members that they later regret (Estonia or Nebraska).

We hope that you will use this post to comment on things happening around the conference and also as a sort of daily open thread to discuss breaking news or argue about Spotted Cow (which we NO LONGER DO).

  • Sunday turned into a kind of wild day around the football team. We started off by wondering where RB Jalen Berger was during the Illinois game and then, uh, later in the day we found out.
  • The women’s hockey team, who raised their banner on Saturday (we’ll have a post about them coming shortly), is off to a dominant start in the 2021-22 season. They just can’t stop scoring goals.
  • Grace Loberg has quietly had an excellent career for the Badgers and we are glad she’s getting her flowers this year.
  • I didn’t think Micah Potter would make it in the NBA because his defense is so suspect, but if he keeps putting up offensive numbers like this it’s going to be hard to keep him off of a roster. Good for him!
  • J.J. will have more this week about the current state of Big Ten soccer, but it is worth celebrating that Jordyn Bloomer and Maia Cella are having great seasons so far.
  • Don’t look now, but the men’s soccer team has won four matches in a row, hasn’t lost a match in conference play (3-0-1) and currently sit in second place in the Big Ten behind only Penn State. They have one more non-conference match coming up this week and then close the season with their final four Big Ten matches and, would you look at that! The last match of the season is at home against PSU. Hopefully that still has serious title implications when the ball is kicked off.
  • The men’s hockey Twitter account didn’t even tweet out all of the goals that Michigan Tech scored on Saturday evening if you want to know how the series went.
  • Quite frankly shocked and disgusted by Bill C.’s most recent SP+ update and where his computers have Wisconsin ranked.