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Oh Honey, No…a Bucky’s 5th Quarter Fashion Blog: Indiana University

Hoosier? I barely know her!

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Next up in our fashion series is the Fighting Bobby Knights. The Indiana Hoosiers, who have a timeless look, starting with their warm ups...

And ending with their uniforms, which haven’t changed much over the years. A timeless look, that could use a bit more variance, such as when Indiana wore these to honor Black History Month in 2019.

I could used to some more looks from the Hoosiers on the court, but for the time being, it looks like Indiana will stick with tradition.

Oh and before I forget... insert obligatory clip from Parks & Rec...

As a reminder, we will be rating the opposing threads on a scale of oh honey, no, to YAASS QUEEN.

Oh honey, no: Obviously, this is the worst rating. If I must explain this to you, you’re probably wearing socks with sandals right now, or a brown belt with black pants, either way, oh honey, no.

Ewww: Nice try, but no.

Werk it: You brought it.

YAASS QUEEN: Best of the best. Your proverbial milkshake brings all the proverbial boys to the yard.

School: Indiana University

Mascot: Hoosiers

Color Scheme: Crimson and Cream

Official Brand Sponsor: Adidas

Home uniform:

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

At home, the Hoosiers wear white uniforms with red accents, but it’s the subtleties of the jersey that I like.

‘Indiana’ is inscribed across the chest of the jersey in red and the player’s number appears in red as well, both of which in a block font, which is boring...but the numbers appear to have a subtle edging around them that make them looked raised, which is a nice touch, as it breaks away from the normal borders that you see on numbers, usually.

There is also a thin red line that appears on the collar of the jersey, which is yet another subtle touch.

There are no other strips that appear on the jersey, bu the shorts do have three stripes around the waistband (red, white, red), as well as on the bottom of the each leg of the shorts. The ‘IU’ logo is also featured on the side of each leg.

This sort of balance on the shorts a good look and I like the use of the striping, having two red stripes surround the white. HOWEVER, displaying stars, which signify your championships, upon ones rump, is not a sufficient way to signify this info...

Hey, how many championships ya’ll got?



Overall, I am a fan of this uniform, but the celebratory tramp stamp has really sullied my opinion of it...tramp stamps have no place in collegiate uniforms.

You’re a division one college, have some self respect!

Home uniform score:


Away uniform:

Indiana’s road uniforms are red, or crimson, if you would prefer...with creamish white accents. The same subtle details appear on the road uniforms, with the thin white collar, and the edging around the numbers, that make them look raised.

In comparing their home and away uniforms, the road uniforms just look a little more bland than the home threads. I think it’s that the red accents pop more on the white background, then the white accents do on the red background.

Either way, the Hoosiers road uniforms are timeless and a solid look, but again, the inclusion of a celebratory tramp stamp just makes me just makes me want to throw a chair.

Away uniform score: