Wisconsin's 2021 class on paper reminds me a bit of PSU's 2019 and 2020 classes

Wisconsin's 2021 class avg rating is 89.05, on 247 sports composite, 15th in the country 1 5 star 5 or 6 4 stars and a ton right on the border of being a 4 star.247 sports only rating has Wisconsin with a top 15 class 1 5 star 10 4 stars and an avg rating has the badgers with a top 15 class 1 5 star 8 4 stars avg star rating almost 3.50.Espn has the Badgers with a top 15 class 8 4 stars and 6 espn 300 commits. PC and staff has raised the bar in recruiting last few cycles from 28 to 25 to 15 which is very impressive.Stars and avg ratings aren't the end all but sure they matter, having better players across the board helps depth, increases the margin for error and raises the talent level on the roster.PC if he keeps recruiting like this will have a roster closer to Penn st in terms of talent and depth which isn't a bad thing.Recruiting at Penn sts level top 15 will help us vs OSU and get us over the hump to CFP eventually. Wisconsin is a great program, but they should strive on being more than just great and take the next step.

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