Disappointing Years!

Offensively, it seems that the Badgers are quite inconsistent. Defensively, there are times when other teams penetrate to much, as well as some 3 point specialists getting open too frequently. Defensively, some of the weaknesses relate to the players - not exceptional quickness and some players not physically real strong. We can't help that!

Offensively, much has been said about - the former starter - big-man and his year. I've heard nothing about his weakness - this year. 38.0% - 3 point shooting - great! 33.6% overall shooting - horrible! His non 3 point shooting is pathetic!

How can Davison shoot over 82% - on free throws - 38% on 3's - and in the range - at best of 25-30% on - pull-up jumpers, layups and similar????????????????

Davison - gives a lot - but this really hurts the Badgers. He is an important part of the offense! It is great that Wahl and Davis are giving much more.

I don't see an "answer" here!

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