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Wisconsin men’s basketball: Brad Davison and Micah Potter discuss Michigan, Rutgers

The senior duo is ready to put the last game behind them and move on to Friday night’s matchup with the Scarlet Knights.

Minnesota v Wisconsin Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The No. 9 Wisconsin Badgers (10-3 overall, 4-2 Big Ten) have been on the road since being demolished at No. 7 Michigan on Tuesday. They have been in New Jersey preparing to take on the Rutgers Scarlet Knights (7-4 overall, 3-4 Big Ten) since Wednesday and seniors Brad Davison and Micah Potter took some time to talk to the media on Thursday.

Micah Potter

  • On the blowout loss to Michigan earlier this week, “We just weren’t ourselves.”

“Everything that went wrong just wasn’t Wisconsin basketball.”

“You gotta be able to take a punch and then punch back.”

  • On coming off a loss where they were outplayed and going to play Rutgers, “They’re as physical a team as there is in the Big Ten.”
  • On Michigan’s long, physical, athletic defense, “They took us out of our rhythm and out of our offense.”
  • Potter noted that the Badgers weren’t hitting open looks and didn’t get the ball inside or didn’t get to the free throw line enough.

“If shots aren’t falling the way we’d like them to...we have to start working from the inside out.”

  • On being in New Jersey for the last two days, “It definitely helps. Different environments...getting your feel with the ball (Adidas ball, which the team hasn’t played with yet this year) and getting used to the background at the RAC. It definitely helps a lot.”

Brad Davison

  • On his shot not falling versus Michigan, “I’m very confident with my shot...if you haven’t hit a couple that doesn’t mean you should stop shooting, that means you should look for it because the next couple are going to go in.”
  • Jim Polzin brought up the point that Davison is shooting considerably better from three than from two (40.4% to 30.4%) and asked him what he could do to make his 2-point percentage better, “Look for contact less and worry about getting the ball in the hoop.”
  • On playing at the RAC, “They play really well at home. It’s a unique place. It’s a combination of a really good team and a unique atmosphere.”
  • On the lack of balanced scoring so far in conference play, “I just think offensively as a whole we haven’t been great. Still trying to work the kinks out.”
  • On Wisconsin’s slow starts and if it makes a difference in who wins, “Whoever comes out punching first and playing hard with that sense of urgency usually has the leg up has that advantage.”