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Oh Honey, No…a Bucky’s 5th Quarter Fashion Blog: Rutgers University

Lookin good Rutgers! Attaway Piscataway!

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Is Rutgers actually kind of good now? If so, it must be due to their wardrobe. You know the old adage, look good, feel good, play good...well, Rutgers had a very nice collection of uniforms.

As a reminder, we will be rating the opposing threads on a scale of oh honey, no, to YAASS QUEEN.

Oh honey, no: Obviously, this is the worst rating. If I must explain this to you, you’re probably wearing socks with sandals right now, or a brown belt with black pants, either way, oh honey, no.

Ewww: Nice try, but no.

Werk it: You brought it.

YAASS QUEEN: Best of the best. Your proverbial milkshake brings all the proverbial boys to the yard.

School: Rutgers University

Mascot: Scarlet Knights

Color Scheme: Scarlet

Official Brand Sponsor: Adidas

Home uniform:

NCAA Basketball: Iowa at Rutgers Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

At home, Rutgers wears white uniforms, with ‘Rutgers’ across the chest in red, outlined in black. The player’s number is also red, outlined in black. The shorts of the uniform have no additional accents, other than the Rutgers ‘R.’

While I am a fan of striping appearing on uniforms, or other additional accents, I like the blank canvas look that is the Rutgers uniform. I also appreciate that the text on the uniform is not block, but is more rounded, which is a welcomed difference compared to a lot of schools.

I really like how the number is so much bigger than ‘Rutgers’ on the jersey. While its usually a given that the number will be larger, it seems like Rutgers went to the extra step to click and drag a bit more to enlarge it even more than usual.

Home uniform score:

Werk it

Away uniform:

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Ohio State Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

When on the road, Rutgers wears a red uniform, which is in line with the home uniform. ‘Rutgers’ appears across the chest in white, with a black border and the number is the same. Just as with the home uniform, there are no additional accents on the jersey or on the shorts, other than the Rutgers ‘R’ on the right leg of the shorts.

Normally I am not a big fan of the away red uniforms of fellow Big Ten teams (see Nebraska and Indiana), but I am a fan of the Rutgers away red threads. I think the biggest drawback for the other red schools is the fact that they have block lettering on the uniforms, while Rutgers does not.

Away uniform score:

Werk it

Alternate uniforms:

NCAA Basketball: Ohio State at Rutgers Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers just released this gem of a uniform and their retro logo is absolute fire.

The uniform is white, with red and black stripes on the collar and arm holes. ‘Knights’ appears on the chest of the uniform in a script font, that is red with a black border. The player’s number is in a block font, that is red with a black border.

The shorts feature red and black stripes up the side of the shorts, that match the stripes on the uniform. The same scheme of stripes continues across the bottom of the shorts, but wider.

I love this uniform, as it does what an alternate uniform should, it has a different design and it draws inspiration from the past. The script font is awesome and having the number off to the side and not centered, is a great touch and not something you don’t see often in a basketball uniform.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Michigan State Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers’ second alternate uniform is similar to their home and away looks, but there is a subtle difference on the shorts.

The uniform is black, with ‘Rutgers’ in red across the chest, outlined in white. The player’s number is also red, outlined in white. Just as with the home and away uniforms, there are no other added accents in the form of stripes on the uniform, but on the right leg of the shorts the Scarlet Knight logo appears instead of the Rutgers ‘R.’

This is a good looking uniform, the red letters and numbers, outlined in white, looks great with the black background. Also, just as with the home and away uniforms, I like the enlarged look of the number, compared to the letters in the school name.

Alternate uniforms scores:

Retro: YAASS Queen

Black: Werk it