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SB Nation Reacts: how much college football are you going to watch this year?

With the B1G not playing are you still going to watch every weekend?

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NCAA Football: Middle Tennessee at Army
Army shutout MTSU on Saturday afternoon. Did you catch any of the game?
Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports

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For most of the country, the college football season has arrived. This weekend marks the first week of games, even if some of the biggest programs don’t have a schedule to speak of, and Army welcomed college football back with a bang. I’m leaving my wife and marrying this drive.

Despite that, most college football fans don’t expect to take anything resembling a break from watching the game. According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, two-thirds of college football fans said they would watch at least the same amount of football this year compared to previous years, if not more.

For now, those games don’t include the Pac-12 or the Big Ten. However, the latter has made plenty of noise about attempting to figure out a plan to play this season. While nothing has materialized yet, there is no doubt an appetite for games whenever they would potentially be scheduled.

I wonder how different the numbers look if you just polled Pac-12 and B1G fans. Based on an informal survey of my friends, all of whom are big Wisconsin fans, it seems like since the Badgers aren’t playing they won’t be watching as much college football. Despite missing college football I don’t particularly have an appetite for Vanderbilt/Mississippi State if there isn’t a Badgers game on before or after it.

Say the B1G does figure out how to get a fall schedule up and running again. Should the rest of the country wait for us?

The biggest impact this could have on other conferences is what happens to bowl season. A late start to the Big Ten could make for an awkward selection process. But well over half of fans said they don’t want the bowl schedule changed to fit one conference’s schedule.

While there may be fewer games being played in the Midwest right now, there is still plenty of interest in matchups that do make it to the field. According to the survey, among this week’s slate of games, more than two-thirds of fans are most excited about BYU playing Navy on Monday. Tyler has this game going under in his weekly betting column but Navy Badger would probably advise you to bet on the Midshipmen winning 100-0. Gotta hear both sides.

Even if the Big Ten doesn’t end up playing this year, fans still have their opinions on the Wisconsin program. As of right now, those opinions are extremely high on the Badgers. By all accounts, UW was predicted to win the B1G West again this year and their momentum on the recruiting trail is trending up. Even with no season to look forward to, Wisconsin is definitely heading in the right direction.

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