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Get to know your blogger: Ryan Mellenthin

Next up in the series is our mascot aficionado, Ryan.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: NOV 17 Marquette University at Wisconsin Photo by Lawrence Iles/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Over the course of the last few months we’ve had installments that took a deep dive into each athlete on the Wisconsin football and men’s basketball team. Every day we had a new player that took the spotlight and we got to know him a little bit better. We learned about their background, their recruitment and what made them the special athletes they are today.

Now, with both of those series wrapped up, we decided to take a look at the people behind each of those posts. Yes, that’s right, the humble and handsome blogger. In this series you’ll get to know the keyboard warriors that give you sports opinions, beer takes, mascot rankings and reality show recaps. It’s not an easy job, or a hard one, but someone has to do it. (Editor’s note: do we?)

Get to know your blogger….

The stats

Name: Ryan Mellenthin

Position with B5Q: Writer/Mascot aficionado

Years with B5Q: Four

Recruiting info out of HS (where you grew up, college): Born and raised in Madison. Attended East High School, went to MATC for two years, then followed a girl up to UWGB, got my bachelors there and married the girl.

Arizona v Wisconsin Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Tell us about yourself….

Favorite article/accomplishment with B5Q? The Why Your Mascot Sucks series.

Favorite Wisconsin sports memory? The 2014-15 Men’s Basketball team. Justice touched it.

Go to drink of choice? Non-Alcoholic? Gotta pull a Jake Kocorowski and say Diet Pepsi. Alcoholic? A Beer-mosa, which is Blue Moon, with a splash of Orange Juice.

You get one album to listen to for the rest of your life, what are you choosing and why?

Taylor Swift’s “1989.” Nothing. But. Bangers.

Favorite book? Movie? Television show?

Book: Scaredy Squirrel

Movie: Deadpool

Television Show: It’s a three-way tie - The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl

Rubber Donald Duck Debuts In Shanghai Photo by VCG


If you were reincarnated as an animal based on your personality, what animal do you think you would come back as?

“As everyone knows, my spirit animal is nature’s greatest predator, the wolf.” - Gina Linetti and Ryan Mellenthin

If you could know the truth behind any one secret or mystery, what would it be?

Why Donald Duck does not wear pants, but yet when he gets out of the shower, he wraps a towel around his waist.

What sport would you like to compete in professionally if you had the ability and skill to?


If you were a fashion icon and whatever you wore would become a fashion trend, what fashion trends would you start?

Well, since I have been working from home for the last six months, my “daily fit” as the kids say, is mostly athleisure, so jogger sweatpants and a hoodie.