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SB Nation Reacts: is The U back??? Well,,,it hard to say

Also, most of you are pleased with the Badgers but there are still a small subsection of you who want more.

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NCAA Football: Independence Bowl-Louisiana Tech vs Miami Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

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While the Big Ten won’t be kicking off this weekend with the SEC and the rest of the country, there are at least games on the calendar. It appears that was enough to get fans excited again.

According to the most recent SB Nation Reacts survey, Wisconsin fan confidence ticked back up after the conference announced its plans to return to play. This week, 95 percent of Badgers fans said they are confident in the program. Quite frankly we are confused about the five percent of you who AREN’T confident in the team, but you know, do your own thing.

The Badgers are still a month away from their first game at home against Illinois and we will have a bunch of preview posts about that game as well as the truncated season as a whole.

For Wisconsin fans who don’t want to wait that long before they dive in head-first to college football, there is a strong slate of games this weekend. According to fans around the country, they are most excited to see Florida State at Miami on Saturday. Is The U back????? We probably won’t be able to tell against FSU because the Seminoles blow chunks, but if Miami loses...well, then they most certainly are not back. Despite the excitement, 79 percent of fans said no, Miami is NOT back.

Kentucky at Auburn would be way more fun on the basketball court but we’ll have to make do with the gridiron version. Cincinnati is one of the top G5 teams and should be in contention for a NY6 bowl this year, although playing Army is always a test.

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