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Wisconsin football: do you think POTUS talked about Paul Chryst’s sweatshirts with Kevin Warren?

This is a crazy, crazy year, folks.

Wisconsin v Nebraska Photo by Steven Branscombe/Getty Images

It has been reported by multiple media outlets that the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, was talking Big Ten football on Tuesday morning and I, for one, can barely believe it. WHAT A WILD TIME WE LIVE IN, FOLKS!

While this doesn’t change a whole lot immediately about B1G football returning soon, you know, since the school presidents weren’t involved and they’re the ones who ultimately make the decision, it does open up a whole host of questions that I NEED answers to. For instance: does Trump know that Rutgers is in the B1G? Does he think Scott Frost is a good coach? Would he ever switch to a sweatshirt only wardrobe like Paul Chryst? Has he talked to Urban Meyer about a cabinet position? Oh man, we need to get Trump on the podcast.

There are many steps still to take before B1G football this fall becomes a reality and despite Trump tweeting about “immediately starting up Big Ten football” I don’t foresee a decision being made on this topic quickly.

Yahoo! Sports Pete Thamel is hearing simliar things:

To say multiple sources denied the notion of the Big Ten playing immediately would not be strong enough. The sources heartily laughed at it. The notion of playing around Thanksgiving is in embryonic discussion, and there’s a desire among coaches to start as early as possible. But “immediately” is in another universe, especially with multiple Big Ten teams not even having players on campus right now.