Could a bubble form around each CFB team, then two of the bubbles could interlock for a game?

There could be a bubble around each campus. They could have team personnel such as cooks, trainers, bus drivers, etc. in the bubble. The bubbles would simply interlock on game days. Teams would travel by bus only. When they stopped for gas, a service station employee would fill it up and then wipe down the sides of the bus. Each bubble would include dorms/hotel rooms for all players and personal. There would be rooms for the visiting team also.

The team cooks, drivers, custodians, would all be students taking a gap year who would be given (partial) scholarships as well as payment. Some of them would learn certain skills while in the bubble. The cooks would learn about nutrition amounts and how much each players needs as well as culinary skills. The physicians would be taking a gap before medical school, and be learning how to take care of the players over zoom in the meantime(the current team physicians would be outside the bubble, as they all most likely have families). The custodians would be given hazard pay, and then could major in just about anything in future years.

Everyone in the bubble would need to be under 30, so they were not taken away from their families for several months. The coaches would come in over zoom. They would get students who wanted to be athletic trainers to serve as the in person trainers. The existing trainers would be outside the bubble and over see everything over zoom.

There would be IT people in the bubble also I guess. They would manage zooms between the players and set up the cameras for the TV networks. Fans could come in on screens and they could have artificial noise. The commentators would be doing the game from another location. The refs would be outside of the bubble also. There would be clock managers inside the bubble who initiated play and were in constant communication with the refs. Imagine Gus Johnson trying to use zoom! "This is so interesting, the camera is off center so you are only able to see half my face. Wow now I am rotating the camera on this really great bearing. This bearing is responsible for the entire success of the camera!! Now I could be using the webcam on my computer, but I plugged in one using a usb. The usb is the greatest thing ever!"

Yeah this would be expensive,… NOT as expensive as no FB tho!!!!!!!!

Food and supplies could be brought in in trucks to the edge of the bubble and left alone for three days. Coaches and personnel outside the bubble would all take pay cuts.

What do you guys think about this? IK it is too late to implement for the fall.

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