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Wisconsin football: so, uh, what has been going on today?

Is the Big Ten playing this fall? Winter? At all? Well, there’s a lot to parse through.

Michigan v Maryland Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Every since Bucky’s 5th Quarter broke the news that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Jeff Potrykus broke the news about the Big Ten potentially looking at a schedule starting around Thanksgiving there has been, well, a lot of differing reports, voices and opinions heard on the matter.

Firstly, a bunch of national reporters confirmed what B5Q said Potrykus said:

Secondly, everyone was reminded that, quite frankly, the coaches and athletic directors talking about this doesn’t really mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of “decisions being made.”

There was also talk of some “call” on Friday morning that all of the Big Ten coaches were on where everyone was spitting out ideas.

However, it seems like not EVERYONE was invited.

We have emailed Wisconsin to ask if Paul Chryst was on the call or if he did the “fake static noise with his mouth to signify he’s going through a tunnel” and skipped it.

A lot of people, us included, are taking a big ‘ol dump on how the B1G and Kevin Warren have handled this whole situation because they, uh, have handled it poorly but there is another side to this!

Former Testudo Times writer Andrew Emmer brings up a good point. Yes the B1G has handled this terribly vis a vis the media and their public response but changing plans once new information becomes available isn’t a crazy thing to do! It’s actually pretty smart!

Anyways, Jon Bois already came up with the perfect B1G schedule so I don’t know why we are still rehashing this.

We will keep you updated as new events warrant!