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Wisconsin football: reactions to football being cancelled

No one is happy. Everything is terrible.

NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports guys wanna get drunk tonight?

The B1G announced they are cancelling all fall sports and attempting to maybe, possibly try and play them in the spring. Who knows if that will happen right now. Right now? Let’s take a look at some peoples’ reactions to this shitty, shitty news.

The players are obviously devastated:

Some had some pointed criticisms for the B1G and their schedule announcement last week.

While others appear ready to just get back in the weight room.

The B1G does NOT seem to be putting up a united front on the topic of cancelling the season as multiple schools put out statements that ran afoul of party lines. Nebraska, who has been claiming they’re going to play an independent schedule this year (LOL), had some harsh words for commissioner Kevin Warren and the conference.

Ohio State’s statement was a little softer but still seemed to imply that they weren’t on board with the decision either.

Iowa also appears to be on the “let’s play” side of things.

Warren was extremely evasive when pressed by Big Ten Network’s Dave Revsine on whether or not the vote was unanimous.

He also didn’t really clarify what, if anything, is going to be done if Nebraska tries to play a schedule on their own.

We’ll have more on this throughout the week but for now lets hear from former Wisconsin Badgers running back Anthony Davis who pretty succinctly sums up a lot of peoples’ feelings today.