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Wisconsin football: Packers CEO Mark Murphy confirms that Lambeau Field game against Notre Dame is still on [UPDATE]

This contradicts previous reports that the game might be played on campus this fall.

NFL 2005: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Green Bay Packers Photo by Jay Drowns/Sporting News via Getty Images via Getty Images

The Wisconsin Badgers have a lot of questions surrounding the upcoming college football season namely, uh, will it happen or not, but also when and where the games will even be played.

There were reports last week about the big non-conference game against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish that was scheduled to be played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, might be moved to on campus. With concerns about the coronavirus as well as stadiums featuring limited seating, this was all not out of the realm of possibilities.

We at B5Q reached out to the UW Athletic Department on June 1st about the game and they said:

It was later announced, that same day, that single-game ticket requests were being delayed until “there is more clarity” on the 2020 season.

On Saturday morning, however, Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy posted a Q&A on the Packers website and one of the questions addressed the Badgers and Fighting Irish game at Lambeau.

Here is Murphy’s full response in case you can’t see the embedded tweet:

I’m glad you brought this issue up, Matt. There was a report last week that erroneously stated that the Wisconsin-Notre Dame game this year would be played in South Bend rather than Lambeau Field. We have talked to representatives from both Notre Dame and Wisconsin, and they’ve confirmed that they are still planning to play the game at Lambeau Field. I do think that college football will be played this year. Like the NFL, the colleges have three months before the football season will start, and we will both be able to learn from the other sports over the next few months to see what works and doesn’t work in terms of holding games. The colleges also have the issue of whether their campuses will be open to students, which may impact the decision of whether to play games. Obviously, the key factor here will be the status of the virus and how our efforts at slowing the spread have worked.

Murphy mentions that he has spoken to representatives from both schools and both schools confirmed that they were planning on playing at Lambeau this fall. The Badgers and Irish will finish up their two-game series in 2021 by playing each other at Soldier Field in Chicago.

Wisconsin and Notre Dame haven’t played since 1964 and the Fighting Irish have an 8-6-2 advantage in the all-time series. I’m sure this is all noteworthy to the 20-year olds who will be playing in the game.

UPDATE, Tuesday 6/9/20, 8:33 p.m. CST: So, uh, apparently Notre Dame and Wisconsin aren’t exactly on the same page with regards to where this fall’s game is going to be played.

We will keep you posted as I’m sure someone, maybe the Pope, will have final say over where this game is played.