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NFL Draft 2020: the top plays of 2019 for center Tyler Biadasz

A look at some of the top plays from the leader of the offensive line in 2019.

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

With the NFL slated to kickoff in mere days, we at B5Q have been churning out scouting reports in anticipation for the NFL Draft highlighting the former Badgers who will aim to make an NFL roster come fall.

In addition to our scouting reports brought to you by Owen Riese, we thought it might be a fun trip back down memory lane to review some of the top plays produced by some of the prospects with the best odds to be selected this weekend.

In the second installment of our top plays retrospect series, we look towards the offensive line for some of the top plays by center Tyler Biadasz.

No. 5: Push it forward

A subtle play, but on a short gain by Nakia Watson, Tyler Biadasz absolute manhandles his guy finishing it past the whistle.

No. 4: Lane opener against Minnesota

Biadasz was at again against Minnesota, creating a huge lane for Taylor to run through on his way to a nice gain. The subtle nuances of great run blocking are not lost on the Wisconsin faithful.

No. 3: Pull the door open

While the video quality is severely lacking in this clip, the overall effort and play by Biadasz here is tremendous. Biadasz quickly pulls from his center position to open the lane for Jonathan Taylor to do the rest.

No. 2: Biadasz gets in on some second level fun

Helping the Badgers spring a big play on the road against Ohio State, Tyler Biadasz shows the ability to block at the second level by first throwing a chip block on the defensive tackle before throwing a pair of stellar blocks in the open field that help keep Aron Cruickshank going from his wildcat snap.

No. 1: Kickout and seal springs KP for the touchdown

This play absolutely jumps out on film. Biadasz demonstrates his ability to move and pull from his center position to maneuver out on the edge for a kick-out block of the Minnesota defensive back. He then is able to swiftly move his feet to seal off the defensive back from getting back into the play, and helps pave the way for a Kendric Pryor touchdown. An absolute thing of beauty.

The Rimington Award winner had some amazing blocks over the course of his career. Check out a quick highlight film below: