Does Kobe King get a ring?

I would assume that at some point, the members of the 2019-2020 UW Men's Basketball team will be given some sort of award for winning the B1G regular season championship. I would think it would probably be a ring, but this question would also apply to a trophy, plaque, medal, etc.

Should Kobe King be included in whatever sort of award the players receive? On one hand, he was a starter and key contributor to the team for about 60% of the regular season, and 45% of the conference season. He had a fantastic game in UW's home win over Indiana, and had a very solid game in UW's upset win in Columbus.

The counterpoints to this are obvious. He bailed on the team at a critical point of the season. Also, the team seemed to play quite a bit better together after he left.

Curious as to what everyone thinks about this. I would probably vote yes, but certainly wouldn't be very upset if he was excluded.

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